Oleg Kozhemyako assessed the period of the construction of a shed at Astafiev Terminal


Oleg Kozhemyako, the Governor of Primorsky Region, in the course of his working visit to Nakhodka, visited the Astafiev Terminal port. The enterprise was the first in Nakhodka to switch to a protected type of handling.

Ruslan Kondratov, General Director of Astafiev Terminal JSC, reported that at present all work is performed as scheduled, six foundations for shed supports over the discharging area are ready and preparation for their concreting has commenced.

“The metal structures of the shed over the discharging area are the first stage of the project in which the world leaders in the construction of industrial facilities take part. Using the best practices of Japan and Korea, engineers from Germany created a shed design which was produced by the Spanish company Gaptek. At the same time, it is assembled by our Primorsky specialists, who have extensive experience at large facilities in the region”, Ruslan Kondratov said.

During a meeting with the Astafiev Terminal’s staff, the Governor emphasized that the region’s administration will always help those stevedores who fulfill the President’s Order concerning the switching to closed handling in due time.