“Astafiev Terminal” will switch to closed coal handling


Acting Governor of Primorsky Territory Andrei Tarasenko and CEO of Astafiev Terminal signed an agreement on a phased transition to closed coal handling and reduction of unloading by 50% during unfavorable weather conditions.

On January 30, VIA of the Primorsky Territory Governor Andrey Tarasenko signed an agreement with Ruslan Kondratov, CEO of Astafiev Terminal, about the introduction of technology of closed coal transshipment, the phasing out of open-pit coal transshipment in the residential area of ​​Nakhodka and the resettlement of the city residents from dilapidated and dilapidated housing. Under the terms of the agreement, the Astafiev Terminal from January 19 until the end of February limited the loading of coal by at least 50% and undertakes to fully switch to a closed type of coal transshipment.

“We have agreed that from now until the end of February the transshipment will be limited to 50% of the previous volume of bulk cargo to the terminal, accordingly the quantity of coal in the warehouse and the volume of its transshipment will decrease. Such a measure will be applied regularly during unfavorable weather conditions, “the Governor emphasized.

Limitation of loading at the request of OJSC “Terminal Astafieva” approved by the relevant services of the “Russian Railways”. In accordance with the imposed restrictions, loading to the Cape Astafiev station will amount to 50% of the previously approved volume. Accordingly, the amount of coal in the warehouse and the volume of transshipment to ships will decrease.

In 2017 JSC Astafiev Terminal increased the height of the protective fence from 13 to 21 meters along the perimeter of the enterprise, which allowed to change the direction of the wind in the winter and significantly reduce the spread of dust.

“We have already erected a 21-meter protective structure on the part of the Cape Astafiev microdistrict, and we will build several more structures to provide protection against harmful effects along the entire perimeter. Also, before the end of this year, a project of arched structures over the unloading zones will be carried out, and until 2021 the coal transshipment on a closed-type conveyor line with a length of 550 meters will be organized, “said Ruslan Kondratov.

The Astafiev Terminal also undertakes to purchase four additional dust suppression units this year. Investments from the company in these projects will amount to more than 340 million rubles. During the year 2017, the Astafiev Terminal acquired 10 dust suppression units that cover the territory within a radius of up to 90 meters. In the warm season, a water mist will be created above the terminal, and snow cover in winter. Such installations successfully function at negative temperatures and a strong wind in the Murmansk commercial port, Ust-Luga and other coal terminals.

In addition, at the expense of the company for two years will be completely settled residents of houses on the street Astafiev, 3 and 5. These houses are recognized as dilapidated and emergency. Under the terms of the agreement, the program for the renovation of Cape Astafiev in the next two years for these purposes will be directed to 90 million rubles.