Astafiev Terminal JSC launched a closed conveyor line


Firstly, it has been operating in a test mode for a week allowing specialists to make sure of the reliability of the equipment which is unique for ports of Nakhodka. From today, the line began its permanent operation to move coal across the territory of the enterprise.

So, all the requirements specified in the Order of the President of the Russian Federation concerning the switching to a closed coal handling have been met. The enterprise commenced using protected technologies that exclude contact of coal with the environment during handling operations; it was the first among other ports of Nakhodka. The next stage is the construction of a completely enclosed area over the place where coal is discharged from cars and closed storage warehouses.

“The launch of a closed conveyor line will exclude the contact of coal with the environment when moving it from the railway warehouse through the closed galleries. We studied the successful operating practices of terminals in Spain, Japan and the Republic of Korea where the use of a similar line and a Telestack telescopic ship loader already operating at the enterprise excludes any excessive contact of coal and the environment when moving it through the territory of the terminal or when loading it into a ship’s hold. All this, as well as the installed dust- and wind-proof shields and snow generators, are the result of modernization and retrofitting at the enterprise. So, Astafiev Terminal became the first port in Nakhodka that has fully implemented a complex for protected handling of coal”, as reported by Aleksandr Ganin, Executive Director of Astafiev Terminal OJSC.

We’d like to note that the closed conveyor line was custom-made in the Republic of Korea by UtilTech and is capable of handling 1,500 tons of coal per hour.

“This is a conveyor with a belt speed of 3 meters per second. On top, a wind shield is installed along the entire length of 150 meters, plus there is a dust control system and a dust removal system in the tower itself. So, the movement of coal is completely closed, with the best environmental protection. At the same time, a closed conveyor is only one of the parts for the protected handling; snow generators are also operating here, protective shields are installed, and now, higher corner plates are being installed along the warehouse”, Aleksandr Ganin, Executive Director of Astafiev Terminal OJSC, said.