Astafiev Terminal is the first in Primorsky region to commence construction of a covered shed over the port


A protective shed over the coal discharging area will be installed by Primorsky specialists – this will improve the environmental situation in Nakhodka and provide employment

A quadripartite agreement for the construction of protective structures over the coal discharging area at the Astafiev Terminal was signed in Vladivostok, as reported by PrimaMedia IA. The operations will be commenced in mid-May and completed by the end of the year. So, the enterprise is the first among other ports in Nakhodka to fulfill all the requirements stipulated in the Order of the President of the Russian Federation concerning the switching to a protected type of coal handling. All structures will be assembled by Primorsky region companies: T-Stroy, ATR-Stroy, Alpar-Plus.

A lot of preparation work, millions of investments, negotiations with partners and, finally, the first closed stevedore enterprise will operate in Primorsky region. An important step towards improving the environmental situation in Nakhodka was made by Astafiev Terminal. The enterprise previously was focused on improving the quality of life of local residents. Now this is an example for all stevedores in the region.

– First of all, it is the execution of the instructions given by the President. The enterprise has been operating in the region since 2017, and we systematically moved towards this step. This will be the first port with a completely closed handling. The second, this is a new opportunity for Primorsky companies that will work on such a large project to be in demand at the market. Our residents of the Primorsky Region will have the opportunity to be employed, receive their wages and participate in the implementation of such an important project, Konstantin Shestakov, the Deputy Chair of the Government of Primorsky Region, said.

Large-scale work is coming at the enterprise. It will be performed by three large companies at once. T-Stroy will be the first to enter the site: they will drill a pile support for foundations.

– The structures that will be erected at Astafiev Terminal are similar to those that were erected on bridge structures. There will also be a special formwork which is also used in the construction of bridges. We have experience but we are participating in such a project for the construction of an indoor terminal for the first time. It is very interesting and unique, as added by Maksim Yakovlev, Executive Director of ATR-Stroy LLC.

Finally, the builders will start assembling the metal structures of a shed; their maximum height will be about 39 meters. They were manufactured by the Spanish company Gaptek according to the Astafiev Terminal’s individual order. The designers considered the harsh weather conditions in Primorsky region to ensure that the structure could withstand both wind and rain loads. Specialists have carefully studied identical practices in the ports of the closest neighbors, Japan and Korea, which are similar to Primorsky region in terms of climate. All expensive operations are aimed at improving the working conditions for employees, the environmental situation, and the social and economic situation in Nakhodka.

– We have been cooperating with the Government of Primorsky Region for a long time and today, of course, those 500 persons who are employed at the Terminal are absolutely secured as to the social responsibilities. It’s no coincidence that we have selected three worthy Primorsky companies as we understand that we need to develop the economy of the region, we need to support each other. These are jobs for many builders. The first stage will be followed by the next stages and we will together boost the economy of the region, Ruslan Kondratov, General Director of Astafiev Terminal OJSC, emphasized.