“Astafiev Terminal” and “People’s Expertise” launched a program for the improvement of residential houses in Nakhodka


The program will be implemented in the Cape Astafieva micro district and is planned for 2018-2020. The planned amount of financing will be 10 million rubles. Control over the implementation of the program will be carried out by a working group as part of the initiative group of residents and the People’s Expertise movement, reports DEITA.RU.

In the administration of the Nakhodka city district, a meeting was held under the leadership of the first deputy head of the city Evgeny Voronin, dedicated to the launch of the program. It was attended by representatives of the initiative group of residents of Cape Astafiev, who assumed the function of quality control of the works performed, contractors – Nakhodka company INESS and representatives of the public movement “People’s Expertise”.

“The City Administration and the port authorities have common tasks – improving the welfare of citizens, so we always welcome when the business shows social responsibility. It is important that this program is long-term, in addition to replacement of windows, doors will be replaced and landscaping of the entrances, “- said Evgeny Voronin.

At the first stage of the work will be installed the installation of plastic windows in the apartments of residents of houses on the street. Astafiev 3a and 5a, as well as glazing of balconies and installation of insulated metal doors in the entrances.

“Our specialists have already measured in the first 12 apartments, next week we start work, we start the installation,” said Nikolai Chaika, CEO of the contractor.

At the second stage of the program implementation, repairs will be carried out in the entrances and on the facade of the building. Control over the implementation of the program will be carried out by a working initiative group of residents.

“This program is very necessary for us, it is very important for people, many of us can not afford to install plastic windows and glaze the balconies, we are grateful to the Astafiev Terminal, which met the requests of the residents,” said Galina Sagitova, resident of the Cape Astafieva microdistrict.

Coordination of efforts of stevedoring companies Finds to increase the social responsibility of business is carried out by the public movement “People’s Expertise”.

“The task of the” People’s Expertise “primarily to monitor the progress of work, financing and monitor the cooperation of stevedores and residents. In the neighborhood of Cape Astafieva there was distrust from the residents, however last year, together with the port workers, we realized a project for glazing the entrances of 5 multi-apartment houses on the street. Astafieva 3a, 5a, 107,109 and 115. After that, residents addressed us and asked us to extend the program to apartments and expand coverage. We will appeal to different stevedores, we will work together to ensure that other socially important projects appear. There should be a comprehensive approach of public organizations and businesses, and we will actively help in this and ask the Administration of the Nakhodka city district to be connected to this, “said Irina Gorobets, chairman of the presidium of the public movement.

OJSC Astafiev Terminal also continues the program of resettlement from dilapidated and emergency housing on Cape Astafiev, the first house will be settled until the end of 2018. The company has already invested 39 million rubles in the purchase of apartments for resettlement. In just 2 years, 90 million rubles will be allocated for the implementation of the program.

“At the moment, the Astafiev Terminal realizes three social projects in the Cape Astafiev microdistrict: resettlement of emergency housing, glazing of apartment buildings and improvement of the territory of the Cape Astafiev microdistrict. A cooperation agreement was signed with the initiative group of residents on the annual implementation of measures for the improvement of the area, including subbotniks, asphalting of intra-quarter roads, installation of children’s playgrounds. The settlement of the house at Astaf’eva 3, the barrack-type house, without water supply, sewerage is nearing completion. We have already reached the home stretch, resettled about 19 families, within 2-3 months we will completely finish moving the house. People choose their own dwelling for themselves, those who have small children and elderly people we choose apartments of a larger area than they had, “said Natalia Yanivets, representative of the Astaf’eva Terminal.