Astafiev Terminal and Green Patrol signed a Green Declaration


Astafiev Terminal JSC’s modernization program for the switching to environmentally friendly handling of coal will have an independent expertise

A Green Declaration for the independent expert support of the protected coal handling program implemented by Astafiev Terminal JSC was signed on Wednesday, January 20, in Vladivostok, by Andrey Nagibin, Chairman of the Board of All-Russian Public Organization “Green Patrol”, and Ruslan Kondratov, General Director of Astafiev Terminal JSC.

The public company and the stevedore agreed to unite their efforts in order to jointly monitor, develop and implement solutions in the field of ecology and environment protection in Astafiev Terminal port, exercise the rights of citizens to a safe environment, preserve nature for future generations, prepare proposals for improving the cooperation, and environmental education population. The adoption of a Green Declaration provides access for independent experts to the port’s production site, the company’s assistance in conducting independent expert assessments of the results of individual stages of the implementation of the protected coal handling program performed by Astafiev Terminal JSC, as reported by PrimaMedia IA.

As Andrey Nagibin, Chairman of the Board of All-Russian Public Organization “Green Patrol”, said, the purpose of this visit was the signing of a Green Declaration as a part of the implementation of Astafiev Terminal JSC’s modernization program for the switching to environmentally friendly handling.

“Our task is to arrange public control over the modernization plan which is performed by Astafiev Terminal until 2025, and to inspect what has already been done. We would recommend to other public organizations to arrange similar control over the modernization plans that other stevedores have, Andrey Nagibin said. “This is a very important work since the problem of coal handling in the Far East is all over throughout Russia.”

In response, Ruslan Kondratov, General Director of Astafiev Terminal JSC, noted that the company highly appreciates the cooperation with the Green Patrol and Primorsky scientists engaged in the field of ecology.

The Green Patrol badge is called a “badge of merit” in our company This is a confirmation of the company’s high status, since members of the Green Patrol are members of public supervisory councils of the Ministry of Natural Resources and, as a rule, are competent independent experts. The largest Russian companies of gas and oil production and processing industries were awarded with the “green badges of merit”. In its operation, Astafiev Terminal always focuses on leaders and tries to implement the best world practices”, Ruslan Kondratov said. “Our cooperation will be an important step for the company, since the Green Patrol actively supports those enterprises that introduce new technologies for environmentally friendly activities.

The General Director of Astafiev Terminal JSC drew attention to the fact that experts were intentionally invited to the port premises in January in order to commence the Green Patrol monitoring during the most severe period in terms of wind loads.

“The disclosure of the company’s activities to the public is a serious indicator of the development of civil society in our country”, Vladislav Zhukov, a member of the Public Council at the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Use (Rosprirodnadzor), Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee on the Nature Management and Ecology, said. “This issue is very important because it makes it possible to resolve any public and social conflicts, to reduce the misunderstanding of opinions of each other by business representatives, the public and the state. When an enterprise takes the initiative and operates as transparently as possible, that’s great.”

The openness of the enterprise was also noted by Ekaterina Galochkina, a chief specialist of the Union of Industrial and Environmental Safety Specialists LLC, an expert of EcoSky LLC (designing in environmental support of business operations).

“I am impressed with what Astafiev Terminal is doing in the field of ecology. We do not have many businesses that care not about people only but about the environment as well. The enterprise is really trying to reduce its emissions, trying to do something for local residents. Now it is very important”, Ekaterina Galochkina said.

Aleksander Agoshkov, President of the Public Interregional Organization “Pacific Academy of Ecology and Life Safety” called the Astafiev Terminal port as a socially significant industrial facility affecting the environment

“I am very pleased that the enterprise takes all measures to close all sources of dusting as much as possible. Astafiev Terminal creates an environmentally friendly technology that will minimize the impact on the marine biota, on the atmospheric air. The groundwork that is being done now at the Terminal and the analogue which is not yet available anywhere in the Far East would allow us to reckon on good results”, he said.

The company’s commitment to the environmental standards was highly noted by Yana Blinovskaya, Professor, Doctor of Engineering, under whose control specialists from the FEFU School of Engineering conducted a study of the water area of the Bay of Nakhodka according to the cooperation agreement concluded with Astafiev Terminal.

“During the three-year period of our observation, we saw a very interesting picture. We can say that the positions of the main pollutants of the water area which are imputed to Astafiev Terminal Company and other stevedores are fundamentally wrong. Based on our results, I can say that the impact on the marine environment from the company is insignificant. Currently, positive changes in the condition of the water area is visible. For instance, according to the results of observations, there is an increase in the ambundance of uneven-aged Japanese scallop”, Yana Blinovskaya noted.

When reading the Green Declaration, Andrey Nagibin, Chairman of the Board of the All-Russian Public Organization “Green Patrol”, first of all, drew attention to the ecology section of the Declaration. In particular, he highly appreciated such environmentally oriented measures as the installation of a dust and wind fence of 21 meters high from Astafiev Mys Micro-District, the use of stationary mobile dust suppression units (snow generators and water cannons), separate and portable retaining walls, cleaning of driveways using mechanical vacuum equipment, commissioning of a closed conveyor line equipped with an aspiration system, commissioning of the Enterprise Management Center (for monitoring of, among other things, the environmental situation on the terminal premises around the clock) and the Production and Testing Laboratory Complex.

Andrey Nagibin, Vladislav Zhukov and Ekaterina Galochkina saw all this on the eve of signing of the Declaration during a working visit to the port. They started with inspecting the site where the specialists from Alpar Plus, a contracting entity, are currently assembling the first parts of the shed which is unique for the ports of the Far East, over the railway discharging area at the Terminal of Astafiev Terminal JSC.

Totally, more than several hundred thousand parts were delivered from Spain. Now they are sorted for an enlarged assembly of specific structures and delivered to the site. The first four columns and four beams of one of the parts of the future shed have already been assembled. The work is very painstaking: only on one of the largest elements it was necessary to connect 4 thousand metal parts (bolts, nuts, washers) of about 55 items.

The structure of the shed was made in Spain at the individual order of Astafiev Terminal. The assembled steel-aluminum supports of the shed will be installed on six capitals which are already prepared for this operation. The installation of the shed will be commenced in March this year.

“We travel a lot across Russia, we have visited many enterprises, but for the first time we see that in the Asia-Pacific region, in the Russian Far East, a real covered area is being prepared for coal handling”, Andrey Nagibin said.

Another positive experience that would be nice to be adopted by another Far Eastern stevedore was the experience of resettlement at the expense of the company of 43 families from two emergency barracks located in Astafiev Mys Micro-District, patronage of a local school and support of the Okean Football Club, as per the Chairman of the Board of the Green Patrol.