As soon as possible: Astafiev Terminal commenced the assembling of a shed over the enterprise


The builders of the shed which is unique for the ports of the Far East commenced the assembling of the first roof parts over the railway discharging area. The operations are performed according to the Astafiev Terminal modernization program for the switching to environmentally friendly handling. So, among all the stevedores of Nakhodka City District, Astafiev Terminal is the flagship in executing the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation in full. 

As Viktor Panov, Engineering Director of Astafiev Terminal JSC, said, the installation is carried out by Primorsky builders who have extensive experience in the most important construction sites in the region.

“Serious engineering solutions in cooperation with the world leaders of the industry, Gaptek, Marubeni and Schade, provided the necessary synergistic effect, and resulted in the shortest construction period. Considering that such engineering structures have not yet been erected in the Far East”, Viktor Panov emphasized.

At present, the builders have assembled the first four girder cranes and started assembling the shed trusses. Difficulties in the work are added with freak seaside weather: installers need to take into account strong winds over the water area of the port. 

“The design of this tent-type shed made of aluminum elements is really unique, so professionals should work here. Height is a common thing for us. Specialists in their craft work here, and there are no random people here. Let me emphasize that an assembler is a versatile person and his knowledge should not be not limited to just screwing of nuts. The modern assembler is distinguished with knowledge of drawings, skills and abilities of related professions, such as a high-rise worker, welder, sling operator. Of course, the installation of shed elements cannot be performed without a crane, and the accuracy and safety of assembling operations depends on the skills of crane operators, so we should mention those who help us tame these huge parts”, Dmitry Malakhov, Chief Engineer of the Contractor, said.

The structure of the shed was made in Spain at the individual order of Terminal Astafiev. Designers considered the harsh seaside weather conditions to ensure that the structure could withstand both wind and rain loads.

“First, we assembled individual structures on the ground, element by element, each of several hundred parts. They, we enlarged directly next to a design position and erected. Each element consists of a beam and a column and it looks like a hockey stick. The whole structure is 21 meters high and 30 meters long. The work is complicated with the use of two cranes, and it is quite delicate: all the holes must match with its dimensions in the installation. But we are coping, this is our work, difficult but interesting”, Yurii Kolesnikov, a foreman of Alpar-Plus installation company, said. 

The shed is being assembled at a height of 35 meters, and it is higher than the protective screens of Astafiev Terminal, the highest in Nakhodka. And now the progress of work is clearly visible to all local residents.

“I must admit that initially I did not believe, like many others, that the promises of protected handling would be fulfilled. Now, the structures for the construction of the shed at Astafiev Terminal are clearly visible to everyone. This approach significantly distinguishes this enterprise from some other stevedores who opted for cosmetic changes finding the purchase of cannons and the construction of fences as sufficient measures. Meanwhile, we are waiting for the completion of the construction of the dome, and when it happens it will be clear that closed technologies really protect people against dust, we will insist on the introduction of similar technologies by all other coal handling enterprises, or on the suspension of their operation”, Artem Trembovlev, Head of Nadezhda Public Organization, noted.

The residents of Astafiev Mys Micro-District agree with the opinion of ecologists.  

“It is very good. Coal handling should be performed in a closed way, and we finally got it. Moreover, Astafiev Terminal initially planned to make handling operations closed. As far as I know, they do it using their own efforts, at their own account, no one helps them, neither the Governor nor the Regional Government. Now I want no one to interfere with the completion of this important and necessary work”, Natalia Moiseenko, a resident of Astafiev Mys Micro-District, added.

“I live in Building 5a, my windows are directly facing the Terminal, and I’d like to say that this company has probably done more in recent years than all the other companies in our Micro-District. This can be seen with the naked eye. I would like other stevedores to follow this example”, Elena Chebotar, a resident of Nakhodka, said.