An Enterprise Management Center was solemnly opened at the Astafiev Terminal


Now, the results of research and operation of dust-collecting units at the enterprise can be traced online not by specialists only, but residents of the Cape of Astafyev as well. On Tuesday, February 26, the know-how was shown to public figures, journalists, government officials and other stevedoring companies.

Six employees monitor 24 hours a day what is happening at the Terminal, including the movement of dust. Dozens of video surveillance cameras transmit information online. Two sensors monitor the concentration of harmful substances in the air around the clock. Weather messages are processed and the situation for next day is predicted here too. The Center was created to prevent the spread of dust from coal and any emergency situations that may arise due to the weather conditions.

— The situation has changed dramatically: previously, the information was divided into departments and services. The specialists were in different rooms. Now all the key specialists who monitor the environmental situation and operation of the enterprise are in one place. The efficiency has increased, and now residents can call the hotline and give their comments, if any. Feedback is important to us. The Center was created to prevent and suppress dusting, and then everything will be fine with us as to the ecological situation, as told by Dmitry Dargan, the head of the System Administration Department. 

The environmental situation is monitored both at the enterprise itself and outside it. A sensor is installed in the area of 3, Astafieva Street. The readings from other six various places on the cape are analyzed by specialists in the laboratory. At the Terminal itself, there are dust suppression cannons: four large stationary ones and 12 locally installed cannons.

— The Terminal is closed around its entire perimeter with dust-proof shields with a height of 21 to 25 meters. The piles were drilled to a depth of 15 meters. Complicated and hard work has been done. The shields hold over 300 foundation structures, each of 12 piles. The wind damping and dust suppression system was the first stage of the huge work connected with the switching to closed coal handling, explains Ruslan Kondratov, the head of the enterprise.